Servo and Spindle Motor Repair

At Rotek Services, we understand it can be costly to replace existing equipment while maintaining production requirements. That is why we offer in-house servo and spindle motor repair services. Our goal is to help you reduce downtime and maintain producing a quality product.

We have an impressive servo motor parts inventory, including precision and specialty bearings, encoders, resolvers and miscellaneous components. With state-of-the-art servo motor testing equipment, we can verify that encoder and resolver settings are optimized for proper functionality as part of our repair process. We are committed to providing the very best in servo motor repair.

We understand that repairs need to be done quickly. At Rotek Services, we strive for a fast turnaround on repairs and can sometimes complete repairs even while our customers wait. That is part of our promise to keep your electrical and mechanical rotating equipment running smoothly so that your company can return to “business as usual” in a fast manner if you have a motor failure.

With 24 hour service available, Rotek Services is able to respond to your equipment emergencies, day or night. Rotating Equipment Sales & Service 316-263-3131